Yellow Mazeras


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Mazeras is a popular cladding stone whose origin is coastal Kenya and it’s mined from the ground in sheets. It has graduated from mainly being used around the compound to decorating walls inside houses or offices. It comes in yellow/brown, red, black, and green colors.
It has not only transformed the way interior decor is done but also moved to the exterior by using the same treatment used indoors. As homeowners look to make a statement on their porches and the overall décor in the house, the use of unique materials has given way to improving the landscaping.
The stones that have different irregular shapes can be transformed to suit the intended purpose, either on walls, or floors.
Areas of application include interior and exterior wall cladding, skirting, balcony flooring, parking bays, constructing pool decks, gardens and any landscaping designs.
The stone allows for several other types of finishes like classic noce mini set and Split face Mosaic.
Century Stone cuts mazeras stone in mainly nine dimensions; 25mm×FL, 50mm×FL 75mm×FL, 100mm×FL 200mm×200mm, 200mm×300mm, 300mm×300mm, 400mm×400mm and 300mm×600mm. Other patterns can be designed to fit the client’s designs at an extra cost


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