Coral stone

Coral stone is a derivative of coral in the sea that is no longer biologically active. The sedimentary rock is quarried from the bedrock and coastal reef and has traditionally been widely used as a building material.
The delicate fossil patterns and unique surface characteristics of Coral Stone complement contemporary architecture and design beautifully. It can be installed as a random ashlar or in a repeating cladding pattern.
Coral stones, considered to be the most slip-resistant of all the natural stones and acts as thermal insulation on floors making it perfect for use on exterior flooring of swimming pools.
Areas of application include wall cladding, fireplace, constructing pool decks, showers, jacuzzi areas, gardens, and interiors of beach houses.
The stone allows for several other types of finishes like vein cut, tumbled, classic nose mini set, rustic, honed, and Mosaic.
Century Stone cuts coral stone in mainly three dimensions; 150×300, 150×150, 75×300mm. Other patterns can be designed to fit the client’s designs at an extra cost


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